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Learn Azure (2-day) Updated with Node content!

A 2-day technical workshop covering the core Azure concepts and services for Web developers, tech leads and architects new to the Cloud and Azure. If you're new to the Cloud and Azure, this is the perfect introduction.

This workshop's content and live activities includes NodeJS with Visual Studio Code and C# with Visual Studio Code and Visual Studio. The live coding activities will run on Windows, MacOS X and Ubuntu. It doesn't matter if you're using .NET, Java, PHP, Ruby or something else, back at work, simply use the Azure SDK for your specific platform and the concepts you'll have learned will still apply.

JavaScript + Node + Code
C# + Visual Studio + Code
Windows or MacOS X or Ubuntu

Modernizing ASP.NET with Microservices, Containers and Serverless (2-day)

A 2-day technical workshop for Web developers looking to modernize ASP.NET applications and new to microservices, containers and serverless.

Note: This workshop requires a basic knowledge of Azure. If you're unfamiliar with Azure, you should register for our Learn Azure workshop first.

C# + Visual Studio on Windows

Containers and Kubernetes on Azure (2-day) Coming soon!

A 2-day technical workshop for developers looking to code, deploy and maintain containers on Azure. Content will cover: containers concepts, single and multi-containers on Web App, Azure Container Registry, Azure Container Instances, Azure Kubernetes Service, CI/CD pipelines for containers with Azure DevOps.

Coming soon




Attend public workshops or bring Azure Academy to your enterprise!

Azure Academy offers hands-on workshops given in-person across Canada.

What's in it?

Learn the core concepts of App Service and other Azure services from an Azure MVP and industry expert.


Bring your laptop! An important part of the training is dedicated to building, deploying and managing Azure services together in real time (bootcamp style).



If you are in Canada we want to visit you. We are bringing our workshops to Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, ...


The workshops are targeted at developers experienced at building Web apps. You will need an Azure account. Consult each workshop for specific prerequisites.



We have plenty of rebate options that you could benefit.


20% OFF

Bring Azure Academy to your enterprise and get 20% off our regular price! A minimum of 6 participants is required.


20% OFF

Have you attended a workshop from Angular Academy, Vue Academy or React Academy? Contact us with your registration proof to get your 20% off discount code on our regular price.


10% OFF

Bring your coworkers! Register 3 or more participants to get 10% off our regular price.



Our regular prices: 1-day $495, 2-day $995, 3-day $1,295.

Register early and save 20% with the early bird special pricing.

We plan to visit major Canadian cities over time, contact us if you want Azure Academy in your city!

You can also host our workshops at your company! (minimum 6 participants)


What is Azure Academy?

Azure Academy offers classroom training for professional web developers, available as public courses or as corporate on-site training.

Are you offering online courses as well?

No, our courseware is delivered live as a "bootcamp style" workshop with plenty of interactivity with the instructor in the room.

Where do you offer this course?

Public courses are available on a regular basis in all major Canadian cities. We love to travel to smaller markets from time to time.

Can we customize the content?

No, public classes strictly follow the workshop outlines but if possible, we can definitely tailor the content for corporate on-site training to fit your team's preferences and expectations.

Is the Azure cost included?

No, you need to provide your own Azure account and the Azure services that you'll use during the workshop will be charged to your account.

What do participants get?

You get the training material in PDF files, the source code used in the workshop and a certificate of completion.

Can I use the Azure credits included in my MSDN account?

Absolutely! If you have an MSDN subscription, you do have Azure monthly credits that you can use to learn Azure.

I don't have an MSDN account, can I get free Azure credits?

Absolutely! When you create an Azure account for the first time, you get $200 of free Azure credits to spend within 30 days.

What if I don't have a laptop?

We do not provide laptops so you need to bring your own.

Is it OK to bring a MAC or a PC?

Consult each workshop's description for specific requirements.

What is the required laptop setup?

Consult each workshop's description for specific setups.

Can we host this workshop at our office?

Of course! If you provide a room with WiFi, projector/TV and classroom setup (a conference room is OK). Contact us to schedule a session now! Minimum 6 participants.

Any unanswered questions? Contact us



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