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Attend public classes or bring Azure Academy to your enterprise!

Azure Academy is a 2 day hands-on workshop given in-person across Canada.

What's in it?

Learn the core concepts of App Service and other Azure services from an Azure MVP and industry expert including: deployment, scalability, storage, databases (SQL and NoSQL), etc.


Bring your laptop! An important part of the training is dedicated to building, deploying and managing Azure services together in real time (bootcamp style).



If you are in Canada we want to visit you. We are bringing the workshop to Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Quebec City, ...


The workshop is targeted at developers experienced at building Web apps. IT Pros are welcome since they'll learn how to manage the Azure services used by the developers. You will need an Azure account but no previous experience with Azure or the Cloud is required.


App Service

Virtual Machine

Cloud Service


Logic Apps

App Insights

SQL Database



Service Bus

Cognitive Services


There are 100+ services in Azure!

The main hurdle when starting with Azure is selecting the right services from the 100+ available.

Should you deploy your Web app to App Service (Platform As A Service) or use a Virtual Machine (Infrastructure As A Service).

Looking to implement a messaging workflow? Should you use Storage queues or Service Bus queues?

Need to store data? Should you use a relational database like SQL Database or a NoSQL database like CosmosDB?

Instead of trying to cover every single Azure service, Azure Academy focuses on App Service and other services making sense for Web developers giving you a strong and concrete foundation that you can build on top of.

IT Pros will appreciate the fact that beside learning how to use the Azure Portal, they'll learn how to use the Azure Command Line Interface (CLI) to automate and manage their tasks.




You're a Web developer and you've been tasked in building a new or deploying an existing Web app to Azure. You want to understand what Azure services to use and what tools can help you with your task. At the end of this workshop, you should be able to select the right Azure services for the tasks at hand and create, deploy and manage Web apps on Azure.

Note that Azure supports many programming languages and we love them all but we do have some samples and demos that use C# and the .NET SDKs but many of the hands-on labs are about configuring and managing the Azure services so it doesn't matter. Back at work, you'll be able to use the SDKs of your choice.

IT Pro

IT Pro

You're an IT Pro and you've been tasked in deploying and managing a Web app to Azure. You want to understand how to support the dev team and how to use tools to help you with your tasks. At the end of this workshop, you should be able to use the Azure portal and the command line interface to create, automate and manage Azure services.

Note that this is a dev oriented workshop, we suggest that you "tag along" with a developer from your team (separate registration).


This technical workshop covers the core Azure App Service concepts and guides you to build, deploy and monitor Web applications. Azure Academy is the ideal starting point to understand and use Azure effectively. You’ll experience several demos and "code along" activities and be provided with the code throughout the workshop, as you learn how to build, deploy and monitor Web apps on Azure.

denotes a topic with hands-on "code along" activity

Day 1

  • Azure overview & Cloud use cases
  • Making sense of pricing
  • Using Azure
    • Using the Azure Portal
    • Using the Command Line Interface (CLI)
    • Using the CLI from VS Code
    • Using the Azure PowerShell module
  • App Service creation, understanding resource groups
  • Deployment
    • Publishing using FTP , Zip file, Visual Studio , local GIT
    • Staged deployments using deployment slots
    • Continuous integration with GIT and other source control systems
  • Azure Storage concepts
    • Understanding storage redundancy and replication
    • Access keys , connection strings , shared access signatures , access policies
  • Using the Storage Explorer
  • Using the local Storage Emulator
  • Using Storage Blobs to store binary data
  • Using Storage Tables as a NoSQL data store
  • Using Storage Queues to decouple workloads

Day 2

  • Cloud messaging using Service Bus
  • Selecting the right queuing service for the task at hand
  • Background tasks with Web Jobs
  • Serverless
    • Going serverless with Azure Functions
    • Understanding durable functions
    • Create serverless workflows with Logic Apps
  • SQL Database
    • Understanding DTUs and planning capacity
    • Create logins and users
    • Migrate existing data using the Data Migration Assistant
    • Using SQL Operations Studio
  • NoSQL with Cosmos DB
    • Understanding Request Units and planning capacity
    • Using the local emulator and the data migration tool
    • The importance of the partition key
    • Understanding geo-replication
    • Using the SQL API to query documents
  • Collecting and analysing app telemetry using Application Insights
  • Troubleshooting using the Kudu tools


We plan to visit every major Canadian city over the year, contact us if you want Azure Academy in your city!

You can also host this workshop at your company! (minimum 6 participants)


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What is Azure Academy?

It's a 2-day classroom training for professional web developers, available as a public course or as a corporate on-site training.

Are you offering online courses as well?

No, our courseware is delivered live as a "bootcamp style" workshop with plenty of interactivity with the instructor in the room.

Where do you offer this course?

Public courses are available on a regular basis in all major Canadian cities. We love to travel to smaller markets from time to time.

Is this only for .NET developers?

Absolutely not! Azure supports many programming languages and we love them all but we do have some samples and demos that use C# and the .NET SDKs. Note that many of the hands-on labs are about configuring and managing the Azure services so it doesn't matter. Back at work, you'll be able to use the SDKs of your choice.

Can we customize the content?

No, public classes strictly follow the course outline as seen above.

Is the Azure cost included?

No, you need to provide your own Azure account and the Azure services that you'll use during the workshop will be charged to your account.

Can I use the Azure credits included in my MSDN account?

Absolutely! If you have an MSDN subscription, you do have Azure monthly credits that you can use to learn Azure.

I don't have an MSDN account, can I get free Azure credits?

Absolutely! When you create an Azure account for the first time, you get $200 of free Azure credits to spend within 30 days.

What if I don't have a laptop?

We do not provide laptops so you need to bring your own.

Is it OK to bring a MAC or a PC?

Both PC and MAC are perfectly fine.

What is the required setup?

We're providing Virtual Machines pre-configured with all the tools necessary. You only need to install and use a Remote Desktop client and for locked down corporate laptops, have TCP port 3389 unblocked.

Can we host this workshop at our office?

Of course! If you provide a room with WiFi, projector/TV and classroom setup (a conference room is OK). Contact us to schedule a session now! Minimum 6 participants.

Any unanswered questions? Contact us




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